It is estimated that an additional investment of $2.5 trillion per annum is required to solve the current social and environmental problems defined under the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Government spending alone cannot close this gap so businesses and financial markets must step up to the challenge. Snowball was created to increase the amount of capital diverted towards achieving these goals. We believe that people should not have to choose between investing for their own financial future and the future of people and the planet. And we recognise that all investments create impact - positive and negative. So, we exist to prove that it is possible to invest money positively whilst making a sound financial return and to ensure all investors – no matter how much money they have - can invest in this way.

The fund

Snowball is a scalable solution to meet these challenges: a diversified multi-manager impact fund investing in funds which contribute towards social equity and environmental solutions.

We target a risk-adjusted annual return of 6-7%, net of fees, over the long term. We have a five year track record investing with this strategy.