Our ambition is to change the way investment decisions are made so that their impact on people and the planet is considered equally important as financial returns.

How do we approach investment?

We bring a unique strategy to deliver high impact alongside market returns.


+ Impact is integrated into all investment​ decision making, through our award wining impact framework.


+ We invest in multi-asset class diverse solutions for a​ sustainable economy.


+ We have a five year track record delivering market returns.

"Our investment committee felt in particular that Snowball provided a unique offering to the market in impact investing. The EIRIS Foundation supports this and would like to promote it as a responsible investing option for charities. We are delighted to have an option that offers both measurable impact and competitive risk-adjusted returns."

Peter Webster, CEO, The EIRIS Foundation.


How do we plan to disrupt the current status quo?

INCENTIVES: we see investment as a service industry and our cost structure reflects this. Snowball only charges investors the operating costs of the fund – which means that as the fund grows, the overall charge is reduced. No performance fees, no manager bonuses – a simple and straightforward service fee.

INTENTIONALITY: every investment we make has a specific purpose beyond generating a financial return.

TRANSPARENCY: we are open and transparent with our investees and investors – from what is in our portfolio, to reporting on the intended versus actual impact of our investments.

ACCESSIBILITY: we want to break down the “invisible wall” between the investment industry and retail investors by being as clear and succinct as possible in our communications and how we talk about our investments.

We are growing our investor base to the stage we can list, empowering retail investors, giving them access to high-impact investments. We believe everyone should be able to invest in their future.