As impact investment snowballs, is fund manager impact keeping up? We spoke to Pioneers Post.

May 10 2021 · 2 minute read

Investment has to change. At Snowball we have the big ambition of changing behaviours in capital markets so that all capital is invested for social and environmental — as well as financial — returns. When we started out four years ago, it felt idealistic to talk in this way. Now we don’t feel quite so out in the cold. In fact — quite the opposite. We are right in the middle of a movement that is accelerating not only towards new way of investing, but to a new impact economy.

The number of funds and investments available to impact investors who want to use their capital to create social and environmental change almost feels like an avalanche. This momentum is both exciting and a challenge. How do you cut through the spin now that everyone seems to have an impact product to sell? Who is the real deal and who just wants your cash?

We spoke Pioneers Post the way we approach understanding the impact of our investments, as well as what we found when we delved more into the impact that our fund managers create.

Sorting the sustainable from the spin.
Image shows: image of spin driers in a laundry. The article heading is sorting the sustainable from the spin.

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Jake Levy, Investment Manager and Impact Lead at Snowball
Jake Levy, Investment Manager and Impact Lead at Snowball