Friends Provident Foundation announce multiplier campaign: £1m for £10m Snowball raises

Aug 24 2022 · 5 minute read

We're delighted to announce that Friends Provident Foundation have doubled their investment in the Snowball fund, investing in our scale.

Making a call to all capitalised charities to upgrade their investment practices so that they equally consider positive impact, risk and return, Friends Provident Foundation have committed to invest £1m for every £10m that Snowball raises in its next two closes.

"Making and managing a portfolio of direct impact investments is resource intensive and may not be feasible for many foundations. This common barrier is one of the reasons we became a founding partner in Snowball. Now it is has established a successful five year track record delivering social, environmental, and financial returns, we are delighted to invest further as it scales and challenge market incumbents with new best practice.” Danielle Walker-Palmour, CEO, Friends Provident Foundation.

Golden Bottle Trust have taken this opportunity to also increase their allocation into Snowball.

"We use a total portfolio impact approach - where both investments and grants seek to produce an intentional positive impact. 100% of our portfolio is invested for a market-rate-return and positive impact - our increased commitment to Snowball is an important part of this.” Rennie Hoare, Partner, C. Hoare & Co.

"Targeting financial returns of 7% net of fees over the long term, at Snowball we are showing it is possible to mandate the same financial risk and returns profile as many of the existing asset managers responsible for the UK's 72 billion in charity assets, but achieve deeper measurable impact. This is just the latest best practice in investing - in fact, it is the future of all investing." Daniela Barone Soares, CEO, Snowball.

Existing investors in the fund include Trust for London, The EIRIS Foundation, The Ian Taylor Family Foundation and City Bridge Trust who form a small but influential group leading the groundswell of charities who are choosing to integrate their investments with their charitable purpose. In doing so they are adopting the latest investment best practice by integrating impact data into investment decision making. All investment creates impact; market-leading asset owners however are working transparently to ensure this impact is positive, and to deepen it.

Together we call on all asset owners to invest positive.

If you would like to invest in Snowball in either our September or March close, and be part of the multiplier campaign, please email

Laura Boyle, Head of Marketing at Snowball
Laura Boyle, Head of Marketing at Snowball