Tackling impact washing webinar series

Dec 14 2022 · 3 minute read

Together with The Good Economy, we've assembled a panel of global impact specialists from BlueMark, The Rockefeller Foundation, Wellington Management, Impact Investing Institute and Impact Frontiers for a series of events about strengthening transparency and accountability in investment.

On Monday, 12 December, we kicked off the webinar series with a panel on identifying and challenging impact-washing. Moderated by Sarah Forster, panellists Jake Levy, Alexandra (Sasha) Zoueva, Oyin Oduya, and Matt Ripley discussed how to verify impact claims and feel confident in asking your investment managers whether they are 'marking their own homework'.

The second webinar is on tackling impact-washing by making the investment industry accountable. Join us on January 30 at 2pm to learn how to identify and challenge impact-washing and feel confident to ask your investment managers questions that get to the heart of impact authenticity.

This conversation will be moderated by Sarah Gordon from The Impact Investing Institute. Guest speakers this time include Mike McCreless (Impact Frontiers) and Paige Nicol (BlueMark) - we’re going to share our thinking on the role of impact reporting for investors who want to mitigate against impact washing, as well as practical hints and tips investors can use to get to the heart of impact authenticity. At Snowball, we believe transparency and accountability are key tools for investors seeking to challenge impact washing in investing. In these events, we will delve further into our call to action to the whole investment sector.

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About The Good Economy

The Good Economy is a leading impact advisory firm. Their purpose is to enhance the contribution of business and finance to inclusive and sustainable development. They help their clients to understand, measure and report real-world impact, manage impact risk and integrate impact considerations into decision-making and performance reporting. The Good Economy offers research, strategy advice and impact measurement and management services to organisations interested in making long-term social value creation integral to their business.

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Laura Boyle, Head of Marketing at Snowball
Laura Boyle, Head of Marketing at Snowball