Snowball invests in pioneering litigation funder targeting social and climate change

Aug 16 2023 · 5 minute read

MEDIA RELEASE: 16th August 2023


Snowball is delighted to announce its investment in Aristata Impact Litigation Fund I, which aims to produce significant and measurable impact across a global portfolio of litigation claims including human rights, environmental protection, climate change, equality and indigenous rights.

The investment builds on Snowball’s track record of making pioneering and catalytic investments into new impact solutions which have the power to generate deeper impact. Snowball finds and backs impact solutions which have the potential for scale, along with attractive financial returns.

“The Snowball portfolio is built to offer something different – attractive returns that can compound and grow value over the long-term, limited correlation with traditional investments, and powerful positive impact. Aristata is a great example of an innovative asset manager where investments can help achieve a meaningful systemic impact and address wrongs at the same time as generating attractive returns for investors. We are excited to partner with such a thoughtful and committed team. We encourage more owners and stewards of capital to investigate such opportunities – they may require more work but we believe the opportunities are compelling: not doing so leaves portfolios exposed to long-term risks that are often not adequately compensated.” Sean Farrell, CIO of Snowball.

“Aristata is proving that investors don’t have to choose between achieving financial returns and driving social and environmental impact. Our impact focus is a powerful competitive advantage - we are confident that Aristata’s innovative investment strategy will drive attractive and competitive returns for our investors in a new market segment, while also enabling us to carry out our mission of closing the justice gap in commercial litigation where the system favours commercial strength and penalises those without”. Rob Ryan, CEO of Aristata Capital.

Litigation funding is the financing of a commercial litigation claim on behalf of a claimant for a share of the proceeds if the case is successfully resolved. It is a fast-developing asset class, providing uncorrelated returns. The sector is attracting large amounts of capital (US$4bn in last three years). Example cases include a claim against an Arctic exploration company for damage to marine environment and a class action against company for gender-based pay discrimination.


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About Snowball

Snowball is an investment fund offering a better way to invest – where competitive returns and positive impact are combined. Invested in solutions for social equity and environmental sustainability, the diversified portfolio targets attractive financial returns integrated with positive change. As a B Corporation, Snowball is purpose-built for impact and has a wider mission to contribute to behaviour change in investment.

About Aristata Capital

Aristata is a pioneer in the field of social and environmental impact litigation, bringing an impact investing lens to commercial litigation funding to seek attractive, uncorrelated financial returns while delivering positive, systemic social and environmental change. Aristata offers the first truly impact-integrated approach to litigation funding allowing investors to combine both the commercial rigour of traditional litigation funding methodologies and the success of public interest litigation strategies to drive social and environmental change.

Laura Boyle, head of marketing
Laura Boyle, head of marketing