The EIRIS Foundation announced it will invest 50% of its investable assets in Snowball, following public tender.

Oct 04 2021 · 3 minute read

EIRIS public webinar
Image description: shows Snowall's CEO Daniela Barone Soares and Investment director Abigail Rotheroe pitching at the EIRIS public webinar.

“Our investment committee felt in particular that Snowball provided a unique offering to the market in impact investing. The EIRIS Foundation supports this and would like to promote it as a credible responsible investing option for charities. We are delighted to have an option that offers both measurable impact and competitive risk-adjusted returns.”
Peter Webster, CEO, The EIRIS Foundation.

“At Snowball we offer competitive risk-adjusted returns and measurable impact. By choosing to invest in Snowball, The EIRIS Foundation have selected an investment opportunity which is solving the social and environmental crises of today and tomorrow without compromising performance.

We are happy to have been selected following The EIRIS Foundation’s robust and public tender process. They have now set a standard in going beyond ESG by connecting their own capital with the innovative social equity, climate and biodiversity solutions in the Snowball portfolio.

Of the $100 trillion in global assets under management, still less than 1% is invested positively, for impact. We hope other foundations, pension funds and institutional investors follow EIRIS’s example of investing in a catalytic way.”
Daniela Barone Soares, CEO, Snowball.

“At the Impact Investing Institute we’re delighted to see asset-owners interested to go beyond ESG’s risk management approach and instead contribute solutions to global problems with their investments. EIRIS’s selection of Snowball today is great evidence of that shift — a partnership that will yield deep impact and a compelling financial return.”
The Impact Investing Institute.

“We are pleased to see this decision by The EIRIS Foundation following their public tender process. The City of London Corporation established a £20m fund in 2012 to support social and environmental organisations wanting to access funding through impact investment, and to develop the impact investment market in the UK. Earlier this year, we invested in Snowball as we were looking for a diversified, multi-asset impact investment fund which targets both market rate returns and positive outcomes for people and planet.”
City of London Corporation Social Investment Fund.

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About Snowball

Snowball provides investors with access to a broad range of actively managed impact investment opportunities. Investing in social equity and environmental solutions, the investment team at Snowball balance impact, risk and return to construct a well-diversified and low risk portfolio which offers competitive risk adjusted returns and measurable impact. There are openings for investors every six months; the next opportunity to join is November 2021. The EIRIS Foundation join other non-profit investors in Snowball including Friends Provident Foundation, Bridge House Estates, Skagen Conscience Capital, Panahpur, Golden Bottle Trust.

About The EIRIS Foundation

The EIRIS Foundation is a registered charity whose mission is to provide resources and best practice on responsible investing. They have over 30 years’ experience in assessing and measuring impact investment products. They see sustainability as requiring a shift to successful economic activity that creates and restores environmental, social, intellectual and financial capital in the long term in partnership with and for the benefit of all stakeholders.

About the process

Following the success of the ESG Olympics, The EIRIS Foundation decided to hold a public process. The tender included a public submission, public pitch event and scoring for financial and impact metrics by the EIRIS team and trustees.


Laura Boyle, Head of stakeholder engagement, Snowball
Laura Boyle, Head of stakeholder engagement, Snowball