Understand the impact of your investments

Apr 12 2023 · 10 minute read

Investors are increasingly interested in understanding their investments' actual impact, which has increased the demand for more robust impact measurement and management methodologies.

On LinkedIn, academic and practitioner Jess Daggers compiled a list of some of the main publications and initiatives in the impact measurement and management space, specifically focusing on impact investing (rather than broader sustainable investing). By examining these resources, investors can have a clearer understanding of how to measure and manage the impact of their investments, ultimately driving significant positive change.

Here is a list of recommended publications and resources:

➡All the work of Impact Management Platform and Impact Frontiers, including their recent 'System Map' overview and their new curriculum on Impact-Financial Integration

The Global Impact Investing Network's Compass Methodology and the developments with IRIS+

Duke University's Coursera course on Impact Measurement and Management for the SDGs (https://lnkd.in/euMgi-5X), which ties in with UNDP's SDG Impact Standards

The Predistribution Initiative's consultation with Impact Frontiers on Investor Contribution

Common Approach to Impact Measurement's work on standards for enterprises (rather than investors)

EVPA's work on IMM, including training courses

Harvard Business School's Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative - though not sure if their focus is still on impact investing specifically

Efiko Academy's webinars on IMM topics

➡Developments in impact assurance from organisations like The Good Economy and Tideline and impact ratings from companies like Impak Analytics

➡The Taskforce on Inequality Related Financial Disclosures - TIFD, broader sustainable/responsible investing overlapping with impact.

OECD - OCDE 's Policy Guide on Social Impact Measurement, on a broad social and solidarity economy level,

➡Reports from the UK's cultural sector that are exploring novel impact measurement methodologies for cultural and social value particularly (building especially on social cost-benefit approaches):
----> Department for Culture, Media and Sport Valuing culture and Heritage capital framework
----> Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) University of Warwick Future Trends Series Social Value Creation and Measurement in Cultural Sector

➡Impact-weighted accounts: The International Foundation For Valuing Impacts.

Ventures at the Helm, a recent and notable contribution to impact investing.

BlueMark 's report, Raising the Bar

The Impact Measurement Programme at Oxford and SDG Impact Standards

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Snowball Head of Marketing, Laura Bradford
Snowball Head of Marketing, Laura Bradford